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Personal Sound Amplifiers for Family Events

Whether it’s a weekly dinner or a full-fledged reunion, family events are some of the best times for catching up with loved ones. Even if you haven’t seen certain individuals for months or years, these gatherings allow you to talk, laugh, and feel as though time hasn’t passed at all. But if you struggle to hear the chit-chat going on around you, you may not get all you need out of these precious experiences. Read on to learn more about how a personal sound amplifier can benefit you during these events and how our SuperEar® models improve your quality of life.

Signs You Could Get More From Family Events

Maybe you miss your name being called from across the room, or perhaps you’ve had to ask for clarification on what someone’s said during conversation. When you’re struggling to process sounds, it can feel as though you’re left out of the loop—even if you’re physically present. Regular social interaction is vital to maintaining mental health, especially in seniors. So to feel connected with some of the most important people in your life, it's important to have the ability to raise the volume if necessary. This is where personal sound amplification devices can make a tremendous difference.

The Impact of Personal Sound Amplification

Personal sound amplifiers allow you to control the volume. Utilizing specialized technology, these systems can magnify or lower noises at your own discretion. As such, if people in the room are ever speaking too loudly, you have the power to turn it down to comfortable levels. Likewise, personal sound amplification devices make it possible to turn up the volume on the conversation going on right in front of you. With these pieces of technology on your side, you can be fully present at family events and never miss out on anything again.

What To Know About SuperEar®

SuperEar® personal sound amplification technology comes with several frequency and tone selections to choose from to get you closer to comfortable sound perception. Our model SE9000HP is rechargeable with up to 40 hours of battery life. This way, you can go about your business without ever needing to worry about charging it. Regardless of whether you’re indoors or outside, you can enjoy your family events and make memories that last a lifetime. Give us a call at the number below to learn more.

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