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4 Practical Gift Ideas for Older Parents or Grandparents

4 Practical Gift Ideas for Older Parents or Grandparents

It can be difficult to shop for older parents or grandparents. When people enter the later years of their lives, they are typically content with what they have. But there are still practical gift ideas for older parents or grandparents. Read this article to learn a few suggestions

1. Weighted Blanket

When you give someone a weighted blanket, you are giving them a hug that will last for years and years. Weighted blankets are a non-drug option that can bring down anxiety, provide comfort, and promote deep sleep. These blankets offer what is known as “pressure therapy.” The weight of the blanket produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes people calmer.

2. Sounds Amplifier

A sound amplifier for seniors is an excellent gift for a grandparent or older parent who may be struggling to listen in some contexts. With a sound amplifying device, the user may have a more enjoyable time watching TV, bird watching, or even just maintaining a conversation. Gifting a personal sound amplifier can feel almost like gifting someone a sense of normalcy.

3. Electric Jar Opener

Jars can be difficult to open, especially if you struggle with arthritis. An electric jar opener deserves a place on this list of four practical gift ideas for older parents or grandparents because, although one might not think to purchase it for themselves, they will find that the device is indispensable as soon as they use it. Give a senior in your life an electric jar opener, and you can save them from frustration and physical pain.

4. Electric Tea Kettle

Who doesn’t want a warm beverage on a cold day? Electric tea kettles provide hot water faster than a normal tea kettle. They also have a safety benefit. These devices turn themselves off when they are done boiling the water. Older adults who may not be able to hear the whistle of a tea kettle are in much safer hands working with a device that turns itself off independently.

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