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What Is Auditory Bombardment in Speech Therapy?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

What Is Auditory Bombardment in Speech Therapy?

When a parent becomes nervous about their child’s development, they usually start looking for answers online. Having so much access to helpful information is great, but it can also be a little overwhelming. For instance, moms and dads may come across the concept of “auditory bombardment” but still walk away asking themselves, “What is auditory bombardment in speech therapy?”. In this article, we’ll endeavor to answer that question.

What Is Auditory Bombardment?

Children who are unusually quiet may be dealing with hearing problems. They must be able to hear how sounds differ from each other to clearly repeat the words back. One way to support their listening is through auditory bombardment therapy. So what is auditory bombardment in speech therapy? Simply put, it is a process in which your child listens to targeted sounds in everyday situations again and again. In doing so, they have the chance to listen to the sounds they struggle with without pressure to repeat the words back.

How To Do It

When you play with your child, make sure to emphasize the sounds with which they struggle. For instance, your child may struggle with the /s/ sound. If you’re playing in a make-believe kitchen, you should name all the words that start with that sound. Hold up the objects and say, “Saucepan, sink, scissors, and sandwiches.” Your child does not need to say anything back. This is a listening activity.

Other Methods

Your child’s speech therapist may have some sound stories in which the targeted sound is present throughout—for example, “Sally sold seashells.” Ask them for stories that have worked well in the past. You can also play “What’s in the Bag?”. During this game, you’ll put pictures of objects that all begin with the target sound into a bag. Ask your child to pick out an object, and then you name the object.

Some speech language pathologists, or SLPs, use personal sound amplifiers to help in the auditory bombardment process. The use of these personal sound amplification products, or PSAPs, allows the child to focus more intensely on the target sound. A good analogy for the use of a personal sound amplifier in audio bombardment is that it’s like using a magnifying glass on an image. The PSAP allows the child and the SLP to amplify the desired sound for emphasis. Many people have found this technique to be quite effective.

Of course, auditory bombardment therapy isn’t the only method for every child who has trouble with their speech and hearing. For many people, just using PSAPs in their day-to-day lives is enough to amplify sound to a comfortable level. If you think you might benefit from a PSAP device, contact the customer service team at Sonic Technology. We will help you get started.

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