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Healthcare Professionals

The SuperEar in Healthcare

    See our original SuperEar in the 2010 CMS MDS 3.0 training video

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

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Facilitate your healthcare facility's ACA/ADA compliance with SuperEar®

Nurse and Patient

Improve Your Care

Positive interactions as a result of stress-free communication with doctors, caregivers, and visitors, can greatly improve a person’s well being. Assistive Listening Devices and Auxiliary Aids can help patients enjoy music, television, and conversation with friends and family. Clear communication with your patient can also dramatically reduce re-admittance rates for patients who may not be able to hear or understand instructions for rehabilitation.​

audiologyonline: Hearing Loss and the Health Care System

"We actually supply the different floors of the hospital with several handheld amplification devices (specifically, we use the SuperEar 9000)"

- Nicholas Reed, AuD, CCA-A

Read the full conversation with Nicholas Reed, AUD, CCC-A and Instructor of Audiology in the Department of Otolaryngology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. 

***Hey healthcare workers! We offer a deep discount when your healthcare facility purchases directly from us. There is no minimum order. Contact us to learn more. SuperEar can also be purchased from Direct Supply and McKesson. 








The ADA compliant SuperEar® SE4000 was selected for the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) MDS 3.0 compliance full medical training video in 2010. This product was reintroduced as the improved SE5000.

The ABS plastic housing can be easily cleaned and, in response to healthcare customer requests, we produce the SuperEar® EPC100, a pack of 50 pairs of sanitary disposable ear-pads to ensure safe and hygienic multi-patient use.

Your patients and business can benefit from having the SuperEar®. Let your care follow the patient into their home, by providing the SuperEar® as part of their discharge package to continue use for improved ongoing rehabilitation. Create a valuable profit center by purchasing units at distributor pricing, and re-selling the SuperEar® to other Hospital Departments, such as Audiology, Speech Pathology, Vocational Rehabilitation, Physical Rehabilitation, and the Hospital Gift Shop.


We are always happy to aid our customers with one-on-one service. We offer tailored hospital direct programs for healthcare buyers large and small alike: Assisted Care facilities, Health and Rehab facilities, Hospitals, and University Medical Systems. Our devices are warrantied, so that you can be confident in your purchase, and we guarantee to keep stock for you, so you never have to worry about being unable to get what you need.


The SuperEar® has become a respected and reliable fixture in the healthcare environment through decades of use by patients and medical professionals. With three distinct models on the market, you are certain to find something for your professional healthcare needs.  If you would like more information on the SuperEar®, how you can best use it, and how to try the SuperEar® in your healthcare environment, please contact our Director of Healthcare Services at

Have your Compliance Officer or interested staff contact us about a trial sample.

Download the Healthcare Packet  with                            cleaning instructions here: 

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I am a Speech/language Pathologist who learned about using auditory bombardment amplification in a seminar. I bought one for work and for my own son. This has helped the person pay better attention during therapy. For my own child, who has Down syndrome and a hearing loss, this has helped him hear both his own voice and his therapist who works with him.




These work as well as a hearing aid only better for what we need. We use them in the hospital for hard of hearing patients who may not have a hearing aid or did not bring it. They work very well for that purpose and the covers work well to keep the headset from becoming contaminated.



Thank you for your prompt and helpful attention. Sonic understands customer service - you have definitely left a lasting and positive impression on this consumer!

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